Tinitell is a Tiny Mobile Phone Made Just for Kids

Tinitell is the world's smallest mobile phone and helps keep parents connected to their kids.
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Tinitell is the world's smallest mobile phone and helps keep parents connected to their kids.

Photo Credit: Tinitell Kickstarter

Mobile technology is being used to help parents stay connected to their kids, even when they are little tykes. Tinitell is the world's smallest mobile phone with the sole purpose of helping keep kids safe, and helping parents worry a bit less. The 2G mobile is super small and can be worn as a watch. 

Mats Horn is the entrepreneur behind Tinitell. He told Cool Hunting that he came up with the idea at a family party: 

"It was time for everyone to go inside as dinner was nearly ready. My niece flat-out refused and wanted to carry on playing outside. Why not—it was a lovely sunny day. Besides, it's what kids should be doing, not hanging about with the adults because they need watching." 

Tinitell is super-easy to use. With a voice-activated system, kids can get in touch with their parents by hitting a button and saying the contact's name. Parents can stay in touch with kids by finding their location using the Tinitell app, or by simply calling them.

"The parent or guardian programs Tinitell's app, inputting the relevant numbers and assigning the names to be recognized by the phone's voice recognition system," Horn said. "There's an intuitive LED system to let you know when it needs a charge and shows when a call is activated. You just run everything though Tinitell's app, which also features a variety of GPS positioning functions if you just want to check they are where they say they are."

Tinitell works with any third-party SIM card, but Horn is also hoping to develop a Tinitell calling solution. Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, Tinitell will soon be available for purchase. It is expected to retail for $179. 

Check out the video below to learn more about Tinitell.