Virtual Cooking Technology Lets You Experiment With Your Meal

CyberCook lets you experiment with different cooking techniques, without all the food waste.
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CyberCook lets you experiment with different cooking techniques, without all the food waste.

Photo Credit: CyberCook

Cook your meals without any of the guesswork, thanks to new CyberCook technology developed by Starship. Virtual cooking allows users to prepare food from scratch and with extraordinary detail. Martin Kenwright, the founder and CEO of the digital entertainment studio, says the technology will allow users to interact with food and cook meals using virtual ingredients just like they would in a real kitchen. 

“We’re making cooking real – virtually real,” Kenwright said. “It’s got all the interactions you can see with real cooking… using gesture control, there are people throwing things up in the air.”

Called CyberCook, the technology has virtual ingredients that work in the same way as their real-life versions, as well as the same cooking behaviors, allowing for users to experiment with different recipes and techniques before trying it out with real ingredients. This ultimately helps to reduce food waste.

“We’re using some of the best rendering techniques in the world – stuff used in Lord of the Rings – like sub-surface scattering and texture and all physical-based lighting," Kenwright said.

However, he doesn't want to let all the secrets out of the bag just yet. Kenwright said the "full reveal" will be in a month or two.

“The real secret of this is we want to keep under wraps what the platform is, but it’s the biggest jump in the sector since CD-ROM,” he said. “You’re not looking at something, you’re not watching the video, you’ll actually be doing something that’s never ever been done before.”

Kenwright added that the technology will have an positive impact on many industries, such as education and the way students are taught, and the health and retail industries. 


Photo Credit: Cybercook