This Exoskeleton Gives You a Chair on Demand

The Chairless Chair exoskeleton lets you sit back and relax, anywhere at any time.
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The Chairless Chair exoskeleton lets you sit back and relax, anywhere at any time.
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Photo Credit: Noonee

Here is an exoskeleton that will probably please the masses. The Chairless Chair is an exoskeleton that attaches to your legs and allows you to sit back, as you would in a chair. But this chair relies on the strength of supporting legs and and the gravity-defying device. 

When the Chairless Chair is turned off, users can walk around normally. While this would add a bit of bulk, as Extreme Tech points out, it is likely that future versions would be slim enough to hide underneath clothes. 

Developed by Switzerland-based Noonee, the Chairless Chair attaches to hips and shoes with straps at the thighs and calves. When the exoskeleton is activated, a damper takes the weight off hips and thighs and moves it to the heels of your shoes. 

The most recent prototype weighs 4.4 pounds and can be used for about 24 hours of use on what seems like a 6-volt battery. 

Implications for the Chairless Chair would be pretty huge in production line work, for city commuters and even for camping. Sitting for too many hours a day comes with a long list of health issues, but the Chairless Chair is a happy medium.

“In addition to resting your leg muscles, it also provides optimal posture,” Noonee cofounder Bryan Anastisiades told CNN. “It keeps your back straight and can reduce the occurrence of bad postures for both healthy workers and those recovering from muscle related injuries.”

Many workplace injuries are caused by musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), which are largely caused by standing all day or bad posture.

Audi and BMW will be putting the Chairless Chair in trials on their own production lines later this year.

See how the Chairless Chair works in the video below.